Sci-Tech Challenge Quiz

The online quiz is developed as a warm-up activity ahead of the classroom visit to raise awareness about energy issues and the vast amount of energy we consume today. The energy quiz tests students’ knowledge and those who get 80% of the questions correct will receive a personalized certificate. 


Classroom Visit 

The Sci-Tech Classroom Visit aims to get professionals with STEM-oriented careers into schools where students can interact with them directly. These employee volunteers are not just role models, but also experts in their chosen fields. They can bring to life what may be complex and mysterious jobs to many young people. It is important for young people to have a better understanding of the exciting challenges that these people address every day. During a classroom visit, the volunteer works through an STEM activity with the students. In the process, students use what they know and apply the skills they have. The lesson transitions into a discussion about STEM-oriented careers and the volunteer explains how there are vast numbers of roles and specializations that contribute to a company’s success. 


National Sci-Tech Challenge 

The National Challenge is a one-day interactive event where students work in teams to come up with solutions to an energy-related challenge set by ExxonMobil. Business volunteers will be on hand to help mentor the students, structure their plans and guide them toward being able to answer some tricky questions that will be posed by the judges. The winning team from the National Sci-Tech Challenge will compete in the European Online Challenge.


European Online Sci-Tech Challenge 

National winners will work together and compete in the European Online Finals with the national winners from the other countries. Again, business volunteers will be on hand to help mentor the students, structure their plans and guide them towards answering tricky questions that may be posed by the judges. The best three national teams will travel to a European destination to the Grand Finale, where the winner will be announced. 


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